Living the sea with all of yourself!

Freediving is the only diving discipline that, while leaving a healthy respect for the water unchanged, allows us to get in touch with it and experience the incredible sensations that a descent in a single breath gives us.


The Snorkeling for Juniors program is an introductory course for children, at the end of which no patent is issued. The program is a formidable way to introduce children to diving activities and make them responsible for their safety.

The Skin Diver Course represents the first level of training for a freediver, in which you acquire the basics of freediving.

The Free Diver Course is the second level of training for freedivers. During this course you will begin to develop all the collateral techniques (breathing control, relaxation, etc.) that will allow you to significantly improve your performance..

If you are passionate about the world of freediving, you can continue your training with our advanced courses: ADVANCED FREE DIVER, RESCUE FREE DIVER, MASTER FREE DIVER and TECHNICAL FREE DIVER.


From the most advanced underwater education,
the most advanced study system.
Thanks to its simplicity and versatility of use, PSS EVO is the best study system applied to diving. Manuals, quizzes, educational videos and the possibility to interact with the instructor are always available to the student to study and prepare for the world of diving anytime and anywhere. EVO, in fact, is the only study system in the world available on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.
If the sea is your passion… live it to the fullest! Sea Point, as a PSS instructor training center, can help you develop the necessary knowledge, skills and safety that you will need for your career as an instructor..

Sea Point is a member of PSS Worldwide, one of the most important diving education agencies in the world, which is part of the pool of educational agencies belonging to RSTC Europe. Membership of RSTC qualifies the member organizations, by virtue of common minimum standards, as “internationally recognized”.
The norms of the PSS diving courses conform to the directives of the European Community (EN norms) and to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. This compliance is essential to operate in compliance with the regulations issued, within the European Community and worldwide.