«Ah, I would not ask to be a seagull, nor a dolphin; I would be content to be a redfish, which is the ugliest fish in the sea, to find myself there, joking in that water.»

This is how Elsa Morante describes the waters that bathe the small island of Procida. But despite its small size, its dive sites will never cease to surprise you: walls plunging sheer into the blue dotted with gorgonians and red coral. Be careful, however, not to forget to look into the blue where very often amberjacks and shoals of barracuda hunt among the anchovies.


procida-punta-pizzacoPizzaco Point
The dive at Punta Pizzaco allows you to admire one of the most beautiful walls of the Mediterranean. Sponges of all kinds, corals, gorgonians and paramuricee, make it an ideal colour palette for underwater photography. It is not uncommon to find lobsters and lobsters in the ravines of the wall and to observe passing fish or schools of bream and St. Peter’s fish. On the sandy plateau that precedes the jump it is fun to play with small rhombuses while making the safety stop. It is the ideal site for unforgettable and diversified dives for the various levels of experience.


procida-punta-solchiaro Solchiaro Point
This dive has become in the last two years our most popular dive (thanks also to the presence of a large barracuda bank that has been permanently settled there). The site consists of a rock face, characterized by a landslide that, from the island of Procida, goes up to a depth of 80 meters. Due to its morphological characteristics it offers shelter to numerous burrow fish. Typical of this dive is the encounter with schools, also numerous, of large breams. It is possible to make different routes for different levels of experience.


capo-boveBove Cape
Located at the northern end of Procida, this wall, rich in coral, with its inlets and coarse gravel seabed, is a stimulating dive particularly suitable for beginners.


secca-del-castelloCastle Shoal
The shoal of the castle is in front of the southern slope of Procida, overlooking the promontory on which the old Bourbon prison is located. Rich in yellow gorgonians and dens where many fish find refuge, it is easy to find along the path pinnae nobilis of considerable size.


la-croceThe Cross
Characterized by a large rockslide located on the east coast of Procida, in the direction of Punta Solchiaro, is a place of easy encounters with Seabreams, Brown Meagre and Brown Groupers.