The “Emergency” teaching division deals with emergency management.

Courses for the management of medical emergencies related to underwater activities, in order to give maximum validity to the “rescue chain” in every situation, have also been structured with courses of a different nature, such as those at the basic level of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

First Aid And CPRFirst Aid And CPR

The “First Aid – CPR” course is the first step towards a valid and specific first aid training. This course provides the practical application of general notions to water rescue issues. The “First Aid – C.P.R.” patent is in fact a mandatory requirement to acquire rescue qualifications in other PSS teaching divisions.
Oxygen in Diving EmergenciesOxygen in Diving Emergencies

It is now known that in most underwater emergencies, as in all cases of decompression accidents, first aid is the administration of normobaric oxygen. Only those who are specifically trained can act with maximum effectiveness and competence. Thanks to this you will learn how to use numerous oxygen devices: on demand and continuous flow, low, medium or high concentration, etc.


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The norms of the PSS diving courses conform to the directives of the European Community (EN norms) and to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards. This compliance is essential to operate in compliance with the regulations issued, within the European Community and worldwide.