The “Ninfeo di Claudio” is the last, in order of time, of the dives of the Archaeological Park of Baia open to the public, but it is certainly the one destined to be the most successful.
In fact, the restoration work on the rooms of the ancient nymphaeum and a section of the Via Herculanea has been completed; moreover, copies of the statues have been placed in the rooms that originally housed them.
The route of the visit, dotted with explanatory panels, leads us to parade in front of the statue of little Octavia Claudia and two figures of the god Bacchus and then reach Baios sculpted in the act of filling the cup to Ulysses so that he can offer it to the Cyclops.
The dive continues along a stretch of the extraordinary Via Herculanea, where you can admire the fauna, like in a nursery.